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Who we are

Bramble is an organisation that focuses on the physical, emotional, mental and social development of children living in rural and marginalised communities across Africa.
Bramble is raising a generation of children who are creative, think critically and enjoy solving problems. We are on a mission to transform the lives of underserved children in Africa.

What we seek to achieve is a deep and system-level transformation of the Education sector in Africa.

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Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Concept

Our Belief

Our vision is for an equitable African society where every child has the right to quality, accessible and affordable learning opportunities thus becoming creative thinkers, solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Our mission is to create alternative learning spaces for children living in rural and marginalised communities.

The journey through our learning space is an invitation to self-discovery. Children of all ages can find their passion for learning through creative resources. Through self-learning and consistent reflection, these children will be able to create their own future.

We believe education is a tool for social integration and if delivered in a manner that makes learning fun and engaging; is able to change the status of every child.

Some of our Programs


Brambox was designed specifically for children living in remote communities and have limited access to the internet.

Network of Educators

We are creating a movement that will change the educational space in Nigeria from the grassroots.

Bramble Learning Space

This is a model learning space where children find their passion for learning through creative resources. Every child's learning experience is based on their unique interest.

Special Projects

This includes one time and recurring projects such as Girls Don’t Quit, Mentorship programs, and our events.


Children and Youth Reached


Educators Trained


Learning Centers Created and Supported



Our Values


Each of our beneficiary, community members, and team are treated with respect and dignity as it is deserved by every human. For the children that we work with, we ensure that they exercise their right to a dignified childhood. This includes play and other recreation activities.


We believe that creativity is an inherent potential in every individual. We provide opportunities for such expressions.


We keep our activities open and accessible to all our supporters and stakeholders. Events and other programs are usually reported in our blog post, social media and Quarterly newsletters.


We uphold a simple standard of doing what we say and saying what we did or will do. This includes financial integrity. We publish annual reports and specific project reports which are usually open to all stakeholders and supporters.

Definition of Terms

Children: These are persons below the age of 18.

Rural: Places that are not urban. It is usually defined by remoteness, lack of opportunities and access to market and public services, land cover and population density.

Marginalised: We use the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010. It defines marginalisation as “a form of acute and persistent disadvantage rooted in underlying social inequalities”. It has a comprehensive list of marginalised groups which includes women, hard­-to-­reach groups such as indigenous people and ethnic minorities, poor households, people living in informal settlements, individuals with disabilities, rural populations, nomadic populations those affected by armed conflict and HIV and AIDS, and street and working children.  

Source: Tenth meeting of the Working Group on Education for All (EFA). Concept paper on Marginalisation Tenth meeting of the Working Group on Education for All (EFA). Concept paper on Marginalisation)

As the African proverb says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ It takes the collective effort of everyone to create a better system for every child. 
These organisations have contributed positively to achieving our shared vision.

Partners and Supporters


Is Bramble a school?

Bramble is not a school. It is an alternative learning space that accelerates learning by allowing children to explore their curiosity.

Why are rural areas the primary focus of Bramble?

We believe there are more opportunities for children in the urban areas compared to rural areas where children generally lack access to quality education.

How will they cope with external examinations since they don’t write examinations?

Bramble learners are tested based on how well they can apply what they’re been taught, our learners are well equipped to answer questions on what they’ve learnt and will do well in any external examination.

How will the learners measure up with their colleagues in mainstream schools?

We focus on developing our learners in areas such as emotional intelligence, cognitive and mental skills, social skills and physical education. This includes academic learning activities. Our learners are expected to perform well like their colleagues in mainstream schools.

How can your model be replicated in urban areas?

Interested educators can fill the form to join our Network of educators. Bramble helps educators to learn our curriculum and how to replicate it in their communities.

What is alternative education?

Alternative education or alternative learning is a type of learning with curricular and methods that are non-traditional. This approach focuses more on the individual and allows experientIal learning which prepares the learner for life outside school.

How does this work?

Alternative education focuses on the distinct need of each learner and these could be a character, vocational, and behavioural need.

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