Support Rural Education in Nigeria

As the world makes incredible advancement in technology, many children are still left behind without access to basic quality educational facility. Our goal is to ensure that the story changes for every child in the communities where we work. 

These are some of the ways your donation can support:

  • Scholarship support for a child per annum: #120,000 (300 USD)
  • Scholarship support for a child per month: #10,000 (25 USD)
  • Positive Exposure (a learning Trip) per child: #5,000 (13 USD)
  • Lunch Support for a child per month: #6000 (15 USD)
  • Hygiene material per child for a month: #2000 (5 USD)
  • Professional Development Training for a rural Teacher  #20,000 (50 USD)

Your Bramble gift is most needed to impact the lives of marginalized children in communities where they are most needed. Thank you for supporting our vision.

You can give in Nigeria Naira. Donate in US Dollars.