In most part of Nigeria, seeing Children of young ages working instead going to school was common sight. So the meeting with Dada was quite random. What stood out in Dada’s case that spurred Odunayo to action? There was an unusual excitement and willingness to learn.

Instead of stopping this intervention with Dada, Odunayo and her friends got inspired to do more good with the limited resources available to them. The first survey trip was planned was to Ajamgboto village and subsequently, other communities. They covered all the public primary schools in Ondo West local government, providing scholarships to selected children.

The intervention evolved from just giving scholarships to providing holistic education and learning opportunities to young people. We realized that for these children to have the kind of future we hoped for them, a different kind of action was required. The vision was simple- to help as many children as possible to have unhindered access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities.

Here is how it all began.

 Dada was enrolled in school.

More children were taken for sponsorship

Odunayo began her one year research in social development and leadership with special focus on alternative education in India. The idea of Bramble learning space was birthed.

Bramble was officially unveiled in Bangalore, India. Watch the video below.

Bramble began her pilot project in Beere community, Ibadan.

Bramble trained over 60 children from seven villages.

We opened Bramble Learning Space, the first alternative school in Nigeria.

During COVID-19 Pandemic – We designed Brambox.

We are on a journey!