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1, Engineering Street, Orogun Ojoo Expressway, Ibadan.

1, Bramble Street, Arikanki village, Akinyele Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Odunayo Aliu

Founder and Director
BEd. Education. Diploma, Social Change and Leadership

Over the years, quality Education has become a luxury for children living in rural and marginalised communities. An average Nigerian attends a school where the mode of learning is rote memorization. Parents who could afford the imperial schools enrol their wards for the promise of a great future. 

The increase in the level of poverty has further pushed many families and their children into an unpleasant position where they have to choose between learning and earning. No child should ever have to choose between.

Bramble was founded upon two convictions. The first is that education is a powerful tool that can change the status of any child if delivered in an engaging way and that it is possible to achieve equitable education for every child. To achieve this, every stakeholder in the education sector must be empowered to do their own part.

Since its inception, Bramble has actively advocated for educational reform in Nigeria. Starting from our pilot program in Beere to the launch of the model learning space in Arikanki village, we have kept our commitment to ensuring that every child in every community gets access to quality education.

We have witnessed transformation in the communities, from children leading important conversations about social change, challenging stereotypes, and creating solutions to their community problems to the pure delight of seeing a teenager who had only just started using a computer create their first code. These children provide enough motivation to keep going.

What we seek to achieve is a deep and system-level transformation of the Education sector in Africa.

We are redefining and building a sector that appreciates true learning. Bramble is pioneering the alternative education move, starting from Nigeria to spreading across Africa.

I invite you to join us on this adventurous journey. Let us harness the present knowledge and technology to improve the lives of children living in rural communities across Africa through innovative educational methods.

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