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1, Engineering Street, Orogun Ojoo Expressway, Ibadan.

1, Bramble Street, Arikanki village, Akinyele Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Bramble Learning Space is an open learning community that provides quality and lifelong education in a fun and engaging way. It is the first alternative learning space in Nigeria. The first model was founded in Arikanki, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Using Project-based Learning, we engage creativity and critical thinking in every child. We believe every child is capable of changing the world. We are currently exploring themes in Mathematics, Language Art, Science, Technology and Creative Arts. To get more familiar with the world around us, we created an inner House of Thoughts where opinions or theories about the events around the world are discussed.

Bramble learning space focuses on mental, social, physical and emotional development of every child. We engage in various activities ranging from art and craft, to music, literary works, woodworks and carpentry. Everything we do at Bramble learning space is placed on equal emphasis.

Our work is possible with the effort of our Catalysts. These are creative educators who are trained and equally passionate about transforming the entire learning process from conventional to more effective alternatives.

We hold this belief, in the hope that a new structure in our education system will emerge; a structure where learning is not static. If this system interests you and you will like to learn more, kindly send us an email at [email protected] 

Transformative Learning

Experience the power of community-driven education with our transformative learning centers. Join a welcoming community of learners and explore new ideas, skills, and perspectives. Discover your passions and unlock your potential in a supportive and empowering environment. Come and transform your life and the world around you with us.”

If one of such Transformative learning center isn’t available in your community, why not Lead The Change

Are you passionate about Education and want to start an alternative learning centre?

Alternative learning centres can be created in almost any community, but they have the most impact on communities that face marginalization of poverty or both. Do you know such a place and want to make a difference? Then let’s begin!

Bramble Learning Model

If you want to learn more about alternative learning models, you’re in the right place. Since 2018, Bramble has designed curriculum framework and learning processes for over 5,000 children and educators. 


The Bramble learning model combines localised knowledge and global perspectives to conceptualize whatever is being learnt. Based on learners' interests, they explore varying subjects such as mathematics, languages, art, humanities, science and technology, entrepreneurship, values and community development.


We promote lifelong education in a fun and engaging way. Using Project Based Learning and other best-fit pedagogy, we engage creativity and critical thinking in every learner. We give every learner a platform to develop their capabilities. We focus on the mental, social, physical and emotional development of every learner.


Assessment is very practical and personalized. Every learner measures what has been learnt with their set milestone. Comparison and unhealthy competition is discouraged.

Our story

Our story

The first model was founded in Arikanki, Ibadan, Oyo state. Bramble Learning Space is the first alternative school in Nigeria which offers holistic learning to children and youth from rural and marginalized communities. The open learning community offers children and youth within the local villages an opportunity to develop their dream. Through facilities such as a design studio, makerspace, sports centre, farm, and library; each child is encouraged to champion his/her own journey. It is an open campus with different shapes of bamboo sheds for discussion. Every bramble learner is exceptional; they exhibit good communication and social skills, problem-solving attitude, collaboration and creativity.

Impact Charts

Children & Youth

We have had the honor of working with amazing children across all the learning spaces.

Learning spaces

We have created alternative learning spaces across Africa. This includes spaces directly managed by us or other partnered institutions.

Custom-made resources
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We build processes for learning to take place smoothly. This includes guides, templates and tailored content. 

We have designed and implemented learning frameworks for/with these amazing organizations:

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