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Today, we want to talk about an event that has taken the world by storm – Catalysing Change Week. For those who are not familiar with this event, it is the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and exchange ideas to accelerate collaborative system change.

Last week, Our founder, Ms. Odunayo Aliu had the privilege of hosting an important session of this virtual summit, where some of the brightest minds in education came together to discuss the future of learning in Africa. The panelists were drawn from across the continent and shared innovative solutions and insights to shape the next generation of learners.

For over two hours, our esteemed panelists shared their thoughts on how technology can be leveraged to enhance access to education across Africa. They also highlighted the need for educational systems that are inclusive, affordable, and effective in preparing learners for the future. It was inspiring to see the passion and dedication of the panelists in making quality education accessible to everyone in Africa.

Even after the event ended, our attendees were eager to keep the conversation going, network and engage in intelligent discussions. We received an overwhelming response from participants who expressed their interest in being part of the conversation and contributing to the future of education in Africa.

We believe that events like Catalysing Change Week are crucial in shaping the future of education in Africa. The challenges that the continent faces are complex and require a collaborative approach to solve. By bringing together experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs, we can leverage collective knowledge and expertise to identify solutions that will benefit future learners.

In conclusion, we are excited to see what the future holds for education in Africa. Events like Catalysing Change Week give us hope that with collaboration, innovative solutions and insights, and dedication, we can build sustainable, inclusive, and effective education systems that will prepare Africa’s children for the future.

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